You explicitly mentioned this twice in this article, and I couldn’t agree more! I have many a WordPress draft for articles JUST on this very aspect of user story writing. Specifying implementation details in a story (like “filter,” “button,” “slider,” etc.) is like nails on a chalkboard for me. The *designs* should specify the implementation. The story should specify the *need.*

User stories ARE hard. I always try to push team members to break down “bad” stories to try to get at what we really want them to solve. When implementation details are in there, I play devil’s advocate & offer up other ways the story could play out in design (i.e., using X widget or control, instead). This can sometimes help illustrate that there are multiple ways to skin a cat…and so by stripping out the functional spec from the story, we’re freeing ourselves up to decide the implementation in design.

Great article!

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